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Reading Issues?

Are you not able to read the Malayalam news items properly?

You can solve this problem by installing a Malayalam Unicode font and configuring your browser properly. Please find the detailed instructions below.


Microsoft Windows

There are 2 options available to install a Malayalam Unicode font.
  1. Just download and run AnjaliOldLipi Installer from Varamozhi Project.
    This might save you from the browser configurations. So please try reading the Malayalam page again, after restarting the browser.
  2. Download Anjali OldLipi font and install.
    To install, copy the font, open "Fonts" option from Control Panel and paste the font in the Fonts folder.
These steps will be required, when you can see some text properly, but some characters are not displaying correctly. Follow the instructions, based on your browser.
Internet Explorer
  1. Go to: Tools Menu > Select Internet Options> Fonts
  2. In Language Script Select Malayalam & in Webpage Font, select Anjali Old Lipi 
  3. Save changes by clicking OK
  4. Restart Browser
 Mozilla Firefox
  1. Go to: Tools Menu > Select Options
  2. Select the Content tab
  3. In Fonts & Colors, Select Anjali Old Lipi
  4. Click Advanced button > Select "Malayalam" and set Anjali Old Lipi as font for serif/san-serif/monospace
  5. Save changes by clicking OK
Google Chrome
  1. Click the spanner image at the right top corner and go to Options
  2. Select Minor Tweaks> Change Font And Language Settings > Select Anjali Old Lipi in Fonts and Encoding
    [In higher versions of Chrome, you have to look in the Under the Hood tab for Change fonts and language settings ]
  3. Save changes by clicking Close
Please refer to the 'For users of GNU/Linux' section in this Malayalam Wikipedia page 
Mac OS X
Please refer to the Mac Malayalam project for more information



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